We have a main web page, an information web page and a mobile app, that includes a detailed profile page of every person who has played a game in a ScoreCapture tournament or has entered a score on the ScoreCapture system manually or through a game set up on the app.  Each community has its own specific web page/dashboard and has access to their member management module, with a powerful notifications tool.  While anyone will be able to set up a tournament on the app, the community admins will have more functionality on the web.

Scoring is done through the free ScoreCapture app, which is available on Apple iOS App Store and the Android Google Playstore (search for “scorecapture” one word).  The app has been built using a cross platform technology which allows us to simultaneously update both stores with any new features we add. 

The app is robust and is extremely easy to use and in all the tournaments we have done, we have had 100% take up of the new technology.

Our track record includes CCJ Club Champs for the past 5 years, which was a full live scoring event, with 100 devices out on 2 courses for 300 players.  The 2nd round was a fully seeded draw in the various divisions and we had a number of different leaderboards (handicap and age specific), producing a prize list with count ins/outs immediately after the last putt was sunk, saving the tournament management hours of administration. 

The ScoreCapture team has successfully carried out many other Club Champs over the last 5 years (Leopard Creek, Royal Johannesburg and Kensington, Pretoria Country Club, Kyalami Country Club, Glendower, Ebotse, Eagle Canyon, Richards Bay, Simbithi, Services, Irene, Westlake).  We have run the BCX/SuperSport shootout and a number of other high profiled multi round events.  We do the live scoring for all the Sunshine Tour Pro Ams, Vodacom Origins of Golf Pro Ams and the Sun International Pro Ams.

We do all the major national school events (Dainfern and Woodlands), with complex team leaderboards (best 4 out of 6 to count, using handicaps, net and gross leaderboards) – all live and visible on the web and the mobile app.

The community module assists golf clubs and golf societies in running their event calendars and tournament days.

We run the leagues for the major unions in South Africa and many inter Club competitions.

To get the most of our system, we suggest you set up your own society. With the free version you can set up as many 1 round tournaments as you wish and you will be able to manage your member details and send out notifications (emails and sms).

The premium version allows you to set up multi round tournaments and all the feature leaderboards (Eclectics, Sum/Averages Order of Merits, Rankings and Knockouts).

You can set up your society on the web or the app, but if you prefer hands on assistance contact us by clicking on the whatsapp icon, or send us a mail on the contact us section of this website.

We have also succesfully run hundreds of corpoarte days. See below for more information on our involvement.

Our involvement is pre-tournament, during the tournament and post tournament.



With our association with Respond Now, we are able to design the invites, collate the replies, assist with the field creation and then we can send notifications to all the players via sms and email with the full details of the tournament and 4-balls of the players.

ScoreCapture has an in-house “lite” version of this functionality. Each union, club, society or team has access to our communication module, which can send out invitation emails and sms’s to a filtered section of their community. The responses are collated on the website of that community and golf fields can be created from the positive responses at a click of a button.


We provide a full live scoring package for the tournaments we do – our staff are friendly and professional and we bring our own smartphones, with data and with the devices already logged in.  We also bring our own wifi, PC’s and screens on the day.  Our services on the day are not just limited to live scoring. 

If you require it, we have the expertise to run the entire day and a lot of the time, we are an extra pair of hands and eyes assisting wherever we can, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

In a nutshell, we offer the following different solutions:


FULL LIVE SCORING - ScoreCapture provide trained professional staff and state-of-the-art smartphones for the entire field, preloaded with the App and data.  Just 1 player per 4-ball has to score and everyone has hole-by-hole scoring with live leaderboards.  This is still the best way to do it and can be done with very little staff required.  The system is extremely easy to use and we have had 100% take up of the App in all the tournaments we have done.


CAPTURE BASED MOBILE DEVICES – this is ideal if you do not wish the participants to do the scoring themselves.  Our App can cater for scoring marshall who will have access to all 4-balls on the day and simply has to enter the scores for the players hole-by-hole.  The training for this is simple and easy and there is no need to radio scores backwards and forwards to a main control centre.  The scores are entered into the ipad/iPhone/Android device and the leaderboards are updated immediately.  The live leaderboards are visible on the web and App, which simply needs to be downloaded by anyone who is keen to follow the action. No login, round pin or registration required.


CAPTURE BASED COMPUTER - the back-end of our system is extremely advanced and is quick and easy to capture scores as the paper scorecards come in.  Scores can be verified as well so you can see the players you have checked vs those you still need to check.  Once again, the leaderboards can be seen on the App or on a web page (scrolling or static).


ANY COMBINATION – the best run tournaments have a combination of all or 1 or 2 of these procedures.


We have detailed prize lists that are generated with various count in/out options. The players scorecards and the tournament leaderboards are always available online and can be exported to Excel if required. The players profiles are updated after each game and is available for viewing on the web or the App at anytime.

Our post event features include, eclectic calculations, average scores, order of merits and ranking systems which are all updated immediately after the last score is in.

Our social media team will ensure you get the best mileage out of your event.


Tournaments can be created on the web (for communities, free or premium) or on the app (for everyone).

The dates and rounds of the tournament, competition type, and 4-balls are created through a user friendly interface.  Unlimited additional leaderboards can be added to the tournament.

The players simply download the app from the Apple iOS Store or the Android Playstore, log in with their email and password on game day and tap START for game that has been set up. They then confirm their details, change the tee they are off if required, update the 100% course handicap if needed and proceed to the scoring screen.

Only 1 person per 4-ball needs to score.

The scoring screen is exceptionally easy to use and has all the info of the players on 1 screen and it is a simple matter of tapping + or – for the scores of the players in the 4-ball. There is also a PICKUP button for players who did not finish the hole.

Leaderboards can be viewed on big screens in the clubhouse, on the web through any PC and most importantly on the app, for the players, seconds after they have entered their scores on the last hole they have played.


ScoreCapture is world handicapping system compliant. In South Africa, we are registered with HNA and all the handicap indexes of our members who have their SAGA 2700... number saved in their profile, are updated daily.  We are working with the authorities in other countries to get this on board soon.

For the players who are not affiliated, don't despair. We calculate a "Golfer's Ability to Par" which is identical to a handicap index. This can be seen on your profile on the web or in the app.


We find that a lot of our customers have unique and special requirements.  Our system is extremely flexible and can cater for most of these requests.

All pricing is detailed in each section of this website.

For large events, where you need to collate detailed information about each patron (shirt size, use of cart, dietary requirements etc),  we are in proud association with Respond Now, who will assist in designing your invites and form for you