Registration and Login

  • Registration is quick and easy on the app
  • App will keep you logged in, so you only need to log in once
  • Login can be done with email and password or OTP pin
  • We can assist your clubs/societies with a bulk registration if required

Add buddies & create a Society

  • Once your buddies have registered it is a simple process to create your golf society
  • Societies can set up as many multi round tournaments as required
  • All features have been made free until the end of this year
  • Once they have set up a tournament or 2, they are on their own

Set up your game & add players

  • Set up your tournament
  • All inputs are defaulted and can be edited
  • All you need to do is select the course your are playing
  • Select your unlimited leaderboards
  • Then add the players to your 4-balls
  • You can have multiple 4-balls
  • Create guest players if needed

Score and enter your stats

  • A couple of taps to put in the scores for 4 players and move to the next hole
  • Hole specific par and stroke index, Gross, Net Points on the hole
  • Pickup button, which calculates “Net Double Bogey” according to WHS
  • Handicap allowance 
  • Individual and Betterball matchplay shots on hole indicator
  • Detailed stats entry to analyse your game

Check your scorecards

  • There are 4 different scorecards the app displays
  • Individual/4-ball/competition and matchplay
  • All have various filters and options to change the view
  • Handicap allowance is catered for
  • Your adjusted gross is calculated according to the World Handicap System

Plan your attack with GPS

  • Distances are shown to the back, middle and front of the green on the scoring screen
  • Tapping the distance circle(TAPFOR MAP)will open out a GPS map of the hole
  • Tap the screen to create your target
  • Pinch to zoom in/out
  • Tap and hold the target to move it around
  • Use 2 fingers for a tilt option

Analyse your stats

  • 36 graphs to scrutinize your game
  • Score- Gross, 2-Clubs, Hole-in-one, Bounce Back, Streaks
  • Par-Ave GTP per par, Scores per pare3,4,5
  • Off the tee- Accuracy OTT, Par4,5 OTT hit and GIR hit, Par4,5 OTT Miss and GIR hit
  • GIR - GIR hit, Putts per GIR
  • Putting - Putts and Ave Putts, Putts per <6,6-12

View the live leaderboards

  • You can set up unlimited leaderboards for your tournament
  • Individual, betterball, alliance, matchplay and team formats are all catered for
  • Tapping on players opens their scorecards
  • Buddy filters
  • Sponsor banners and adverts
  • Landscape option showing detailed hole-by-hole scores

All your tournaments accessible

  • Tapping on My Tournaments, brings up a list of your tournaments in the last month
  • Filters can be changed to include tournaments from 3 months, to a year to all your tournaments
  • Tapping on the 3green dot menu will allow you to navigate to anything you need to know about the tournament

Detailed golfers profile

  • An overview will show you rounds and an adjusted gross vs target sore graph
  • The GAP tab shows you your handicap index according to the world handicapping system
  • The rounds tab, summarise all your round, with filters and easy to navigate buttons to check leaderboards/scorecards etc

Play internal games against anyone

  • Take on anyone around the world in a matchplay or skins game
  • Setup is quick and easy
  • The round robin option shows results of everybody against everybody in a matchplay game
  • Any matchplay calculation can be selected and a handicap allowance can be applied
  • Many exciting options available
  • More games to be added

Score your league games, override and verify and view league tables

  • Complex leagues can be set up on the web
  • Players can be added/removed from teams
  • All fixtures can be scored live
  • Completeness of league achieved by override and verify (done on PC or the app)
  • League tables are updated immediately