ScoreCapture was founded in 2013 in South Africa, and started out being a tournament management tool specifically designed to run any live scoring tournaments, being official or social.  Through identifying the needs of the golfers, ScoreCapture has become a comprehensive digital solution for golf by developing various features and functions that reduce the time-consuming administration duties, eradicates common mistakes, increases effeciency,  improves communications and significantly boosts the enjoyment of the game across the world.

The system has a main website and a media web page as well as a mobile App (Apple App Store and Google Play Store), that includes a detailed profile page of every person who has played a game in a ScoreCapture tournament or has entered a score on the ScoreCapture system manually or through a game set up on the App.

The App is robust and is extremely easy to use and in all the tournaments we have done, we have had 100% take up of the new technology.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we can produce a number of different leaderboards on the App (with complex filters) totally live, so the players can see where they stand after every hole is complete.

Whether you are:

*an individual nomadic golfer who is not interested in becoming a club member and just wants to enjoy the beautiful game, by keeping a record of your golf journey and improving at your own rate,

*or an avid affiliated club member who plays every weekend in your competitive school,

*or a golf community that requires a tournament organiser and a system to run your eclectics, order of merits and rankings,

*or a golf event enthusiast organising golf days and looking for live-scoring,

* or a golf coach that wants to track the performance of your clients,

*or a club manager running member competitions with the complex handicap allowance adjustments with count-outs

*or even just a spectator of the many tournaments being played, including provincial leagues,

then ScoreCapture is the Golf App for you.

Our new App will change the way you approach your golf game.  We have added some very exciting new tools like GPS to assist you during the round and additional statistical inputs to track your performance, over and above keeping your digital scorecards.

Join the thousands of golfers who have made the leap into the efficient friendly digital scoring, and NEVER have to worry about scribbling down scores and having to do all that complex arithmetic during and post the game, that has overwhelmed our game of golf recently.


Our track record includes The Country Club Johannesburg Club Champs for the past 5 years, which was a full live scoring event, with 100 smart HD devices out on 2 courses for 300 players.  The 2nd round was a fully seeded draw in the various divisions (notifications of tee times sent out quickly and easily after the next round was set up) and we had a number of different leaderboards (handicap and age specific), producing a prize list with count ins/outs immediately after the last putt was sunk, saving the tournament management hours of administration. No other system in the country is capable of doing this.

ScoreCapture has successfully carried out many other Club Champs over the last 5 years (Leopard Creek, Royal Johannesburg and Kensington, Durban Country Club, Fancourt, Steyn City, Mount Edgecombe Country Club, Dainfern Country Club, Pretoria Country Club, Kyalami Country Club, Killarney Country Club, Glendower Golf Club, Ebotse Links, Eagle Canyon, Richards Bay, Simbithi, Services, Irene, Westlake). 

We have run the BCX/SuperSport shootout and a number of other high profiled multi round events.  We do the live scoring for all the Vodacom Origins of Golf Pro Ams and the Sun International Pro Ams.

We do all the CGGU junior events and have built up a really impressive database of scores, which we are now able to put into a Order of Merit etc as well as a ranking system, which will be totally live and updated immediately after any tournament is completed. 

ScoreCapture does all the major national school events (Dainfern and Woodlands), with complex team leaderboards (best 4 out of 6 to count, using handicaps, net and gross leaderboards) – all live and visible on the web and the mobile App.

We are involved in numerous Corporate Days and add significant value to each and every event we are part of. A golf day without live scoring just does not have the vibe that you need to create with your sponsors on the day.

ScoreCapture runs all the leagues for Central Gauteng. Our module creates the fixtures, notifying all the clubs/teams of their next game. The captains select their sides online, score the games live, follow the results and then verify the final scores. The league tables are updated automatically, saving the Union hours of admin and keeping all the clubs up to date.


Our involvement is pre-tournament, during the tournament and post tournament.

Pre Tournament

With our association with RespondNow, we are able to design the invites and fields required (shirt size, cart required, dinner preferences, etc), collate the replies, assist with the field creation and then we can send notifications to all the players via sms and email with the full details of the tournament and 4-balls of the players.

ScoreCapture has an inhouse “lite” version of this functionality.  Each society, team, club or union has access to our communication module, which can send out invitation emails and sms’s to a filtered section of their community.  The responses are collated on the website of that community and golf fields can be created from the positive responses at a click of a button, saving the organisers hours!

During the tournament

We provide a full live scoring package for the tournaments we do – our staff are friendly and professional and we bring our own smartphones, with data and with the devices already logged in.  We also bring our own wifi, PC’s and screens on the day.  Our services on the day are not just limited to live scoring. 

If you require it, we have the expertise to run the entire day and a lot of the time, we are an extra pair of hands and eyes assisting wherever we can, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

In a nutshell, we offer the following different solutions:

FULL LIVE SCORING – ScoreCapture provide trained professional staff and state-of-the-art smartphones for the entire field, preloaded with the App and data.  Just 1 player per 4-ball has to score and everyone has hole-by-hole scoring with live leaderboards.  This is still the best way to do it and can be done with very little staff required.  The system is extremely easy to use and we have had 100% take up of the App in all the tournaments we have done.

CAPTURE BASED MOBILE DEVICES – this is ideal if you do not wish the participants to do the scoring themselves.  Our App can cater for scoring marshal who will have access to all 4-balls on the day and simply has to enter the scores for the players hole-by-hole.  The training for this is simple and easy and there is NO NEED to radio scores backwards and forwards to a main control centre.  The scores are entered into the iPad/iPhone/Android device and the leaderboards are updated immediately.  The live leaderboards are visible on the web and App, which simply needs to be downloaded by anyone who is keen to follow the action. No login, round pin or registration required.

CAPTURE BASED COMPUTER – the backend of our system is extremely advanced and is quick and easy to capture scores as the paper scorecards come in – this includes a PICKUP button which calculates the maximum score per hole for that player.  Scores can be verified as well so you can see the players you have checked vs those you still need to check.  Once again, the leaderboards can be seen on the App or on a web page (scrolling or static).

ANY COMBINATION – the best run tournaments have a combination of all or 1 or 2 of these procedures.

Post tournament

We have detailed prize lists that are generated with various count in/out options.  The players scorecards and the tournament leaderboards are always available online and can be exported to Excel if required. The players profiles are updated after each game and is available for viewing on the web or the App at anytime. 

Our post event features include, eclectic calculationsaverage scoresorder of merits and ranking systems which are all updated immediately after the last score is in.

We also have a league and knockout modules that is being used by CGGU currently and can provide an interesting round robin table for a select few members in your Club/Society.

Our wish is to be part of every game of golf that is played in South Africa, whether it is social or in an official tournament.



Tournaments can be created on the WEB (for community subscribers) or on the APP (free for individuals).


The web has the ability to create multi-round tournaments with complex filtered leaderboards.

The dates and rounds of the tournament, competition type (over 30 to choose from), corporate logos, adverts, fields and 4-balls are loaded into the system through a user friendly interface (including a bulk upload from an Excel or csv file).  Extra leaderboards are created using the filters required and the tournament is setup.  Leaderboards can be customised to the sponsors colours.

The tournament organiser can then send notifications to the field via email and sms, detailing their tee off times and their playing partners.


The users on the App can create 1 round tournaments with as many 4-balls as required, with multiple simple leaderboards (including a handicap allowance) with over 30 calculation types to choose from.

Regardless of where the tournament has been set up, the players simply download the App from the Apple App Store or the Google Playstore, log in with their email and password for ScoreCapture on the game day and select the tournament that has been set up (which will appear automatically on the landing screen), confirm their details (handicaps can be changed there if they are incorrect) and proceed to the scoring screen.

Only 1 person per 4-ball needs to score.

Leaderboards can be viewed on big screens in the Clubhouse, on the web through any PC and most importantly on the App, for the players, seconds after they have entered their scores on the last hole they have played.

The scoring screen is exceptionally easy to use and has all the info of the players on 1 screen and it is a simple matter of tapping + or – for the scores of the players in the 4-ball.


The players have access to a number of interesting features on the App. This is a quick summary of what you will find in the App.


  • Unlimited tournament/game setup in a quick 2 step process
    • Select your course and confirm other details
    • Add players and confirm course handicaps
  • Setup can be done with the least amount of clicks as most options have been pre-selected for you
  • We have added a buddy section, so that adding your players is a lot quicker
  • ScoreCapture is linked to GolfRSA/HNA so your handicap index is updated daily
  • 4-ball setup screen has many functions to ensure you get the course handicaps and your betterball pairings correct before blast off
  • Multiple 4-balls can be added to your field
  • Friends/members can join tournaments already created by other individuals or by tournament organisers (like the Clubs) by requesting and then putting in a round pin, or scanning in a QR code
  • The tournament creator will be able to make field and 4-ball changes on the fly to incorporate last minute changes
  • The score entry screen has all 4-players neatly aligned and scoring can be done in seconds with one hand
  • Stats inputs can be done while playing or after the game
  • Scorecards can be viewed anytime
    • Individual scorecard per player
    • Summary 4-ball scorecard
    • competition scorecard with handicap allowance
    • Matchplay scorecard showing individual games and your betterball game
  • Stats graphs
    • Scoring – how many birdies, pars, bogeys and nightmares have you made?
    • Par 3,4,5 – how have you performed on each par
    • Off the tee accuracy – how many fairways did you hit?
    • Greens in regulation – where you good from tee to green?
    • Putting – did you avoid the dreaded 4-putt Stef/Umps/Taffy?
  • Leaderboards
    • Your MAIN leaderboard opens immediately
    • NET leaderboard is available if the main competition is strokeplay
    • Your LINKED leaderboards are listed and available at a touch of a button
    • The CLUB leaderboard will show your players how they are doing in the greater merged competition leaderboard set up by the Club
    • The NATIONAL LEADERBOARD is always available to see how you are doing across the nation
    • The league players will have additional tabs, like TABLES, which will show the live division table
  • At the end of the game, links to the scorecard can be emailed to each player in the 4-ball, the Club manager and the Club Pro
  • My profile
    • Basic info
    • Social
    • Financial
  • My Golf Profile
    • Overview
      • Current game
      • Rounds played
      • Courses played
      • Adjusted gross vs target score graph
      • Last round played
      • Tournament performance table
    • Golfers Ability to Par (GAP)
      • If you are not affiliated, this would be the equivalent to a World Handicap Index
    • Insights for your last 20 rounds
      • Filters of All/18 holes/9 holes/Incomplete rounds for the following graphs
        • Scoring
        • Par 3,4,5
        • Off the tee
        • Greens in regulation
        • Putting
    • Your last 20 Rounds
      • Filters of All/18 holes/9 holes/Incomplete rounds for the following details
        • Your best gross, net, points, adjusted, course handicap and differential
        • Your average gross, net, points, adjusted, course handicap and differential
        • Gross vs Net vs Points graph (full screen option)
        • Course handicap vs differential (full screen option)
        • A list of the rounds, with the 3 green dots to take you to the scorecards, stats and leaderboards
  • A whole Community section
    • Summary info on the community
    • Members
    • Tournaments (Past, Current, Future)
    • Feature leaderboards
  • Leagues/Teams
    • Summary info on the team
    • Members
    • Captains
    • Fixtures (Past, Current, Future)
      • Team admins can select their teams, change tee times and start holes, swap players around anytime before their league match
  • view tournaments option is available to spectators, who do not even require a login or a round pin, to see the tee times, scorecards, stats, leaderboards, and players overviews of a specific tournament (past, present or future)

The advanced features differentiate ScoreCapture from other golfing Apps in the market.  Set up a multi-round golf tour, with a stableford points leaderboard for all 4 days, a “Ryder Cup” matchplay game for individual and betterball formats or an alliance or betterball competition on any of the other days.  Keep track of everything – including the highlights (total birdies, eagles and nightmares), get some banter going and have all the details of the tour (courses and tee off times) at your fingertips.

Invite your buddies to play in an Eclectic competition or set up an Order of Merit for the year. We could also do a “Race to Dubai” or “Fedex Cup” Ranking system for your Society or Club.

Create a team event, where a leaderboard takes the top 4 out of 6 members to count towards the team, or how about a Quadrangular matchplay event, where everyone in the 4-ball plays against everyone else.

ScoreCapture can set up prize lists, with several different count-out calculations.

Your Society and Club will get its own website and notification module, with our advanced email templates, sms and push notifications – so communicating with your members can be done seamlessly.

ScoreCapture can merge many leaderboards into one big one, which means a golf club can merge all their societies games, their own tee sheet and any other games set up by individuals on the day, select a competition type and a handicap allowance % and the system will produce a live leaderboard incorporating the scores from all those different tournaments. The players will see the merged leaderboard on the App under their CLUB leaderboards on the day.

We run a NATIONAL LEADERBOARD every day using the stableford points format, so you can see how you performed against everyone else across the nation on that day!

Our sponsor COBRA PUMA has made amazing monthly prizes available to winners on our NATIONAL RANKING LEADERBOARD.



The whole idea of ScoreCapture is to have more fun with your friends and to elevate the excitement of your golf games.  Whether you are one 4-ball or a big group that plays on a regular basis, contact us to set up your Society.  You can create as many tournaments as you want and have live leaderboards every time you play, as well as setting up a number of feature leaderboards for your members.


Digital scoring at Golf Clubs is our game.  Besides all the benefits available to a Society, ScoreCapture can merge all scores in one of our 36 selected calculation formats, on a specific course on the day, and display the results on TV screens in prominent places at your Golf Club. The Clubs will also have access to the content management system which can be used to tell members about your catering specials, upcoming family days, league meetings, captains dinners and knockout draws. You can display stills, videos or web pages.

ScoreCapture has the ability to run the tee sheet online, increasing efficiencies and improving record keeping.


Our League module for Unions has numerous benefits.  Team Admins can select their teams, score the game live (watching how other games in the league are going) and then verify scores after the game on the App or the Website.  The league tables are updated automatically, saving the admin hassle for the Union and giving the Clubs the results instantly.

Please contact us on for a presentation on how we can get your Society up and running, save your Club costs, increase revenue, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your Union by assisting you to make the inevitable move into the future of golf scoring.  Digital scoring is here to stay – so get on board now!


ScoreCapture released a brand new App in October 2021, which has all the old features and functionality, but with a super-improved User Interface. In addition, you will be able to track your stats with a few extra clicks.  View your birdies, pars and nightmares in a neat graph, and check out whether you need work on the par 3,4 or 5’s, by scrutinising your scores for each par.

You will see how accurate you are off the tee, what percentage greens in regulation you achieved, the total number of putts you had and how you performed at scrambling, if you put in some basic stats for us during or after the game. More analysis tools will be added as we go – if there is one particular stat you think will assist in improving your game that we do not have, let us know.

We have added GPS to the App, to give you a distance to the back, middle and front of the green from wherever you are on the course, plus a detailed view of the entire hole. Easy to use gestures like tapping for a target, zoom and tilt will assist you in navigating around the hazards and give you precise distances to the green, if you hit the target.

We are working on adding internal games like skinswolf, round robin, and rabbit warren feature. There will be a gallery function which will link any memories you want to that game.

In time, the profile section of the App will be significantly enhanced and we will be incorporating booking, rewards and a market place as well.




ScoreCapture is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Click on the App store icon on your smartphone and search for ScoreCapture. The App is FREE.


If you are wanting to just view scorecards or leaderboards of a game that is being scored using ScoreCapture, you need not register or log in at all. Merely install the App and follow the action by clicking on VIEW TOURNAMENTS.

If you are wanting to set up unlimited 1 round tournaments with multiple 4-balls, put in scores, have access to your live leaderboards, view detailed scorecards including matchplay games, analyse your stats etc, then you will need to REGISTER.

Registration on ScoreCapture is FREE. Every person will have their own detailed golf profile and will be able to set up as many tournaments as they would like on the App. To register here, click on the REGISTER button and fill in your details.


If you have forgotten your password, or you are getting a “Already Registered – Please follow the LOGIN WITH OTP process or REGISTER with a different email address” on the App or a “This email already exists” on the Web, then there are 2 processes to follow:


To make it easier for you to login, we have implemented a ONE TIME PIN (OTP) system.

If this is the case, please tap the LOGIN WITH OTP button on the login screen first before using another email address to register.  The system will send you a One Time Pin to that email address and your cell number if it is in our database.

Enter the ONE TIME PIN into the 4 blocks provided. Once you are logged in, check that that profile is yours and not someone else in the family, and continue your golf journey!

If you have duplicate profiles and would like to merge them into one profile or if the profile does not look like yours, please contact us on and we will sort it out for you.

If you would like to change your password, go to MY PROFILE and tap the green EDIT button – you can change your details there.

If you are having no luck with this process, go to the website


Please follow the FORGOT PASSWORD procedure, by clicking on LOGIN tab on the main website and the FORGOT PASSWORD to get a new password, which will be sent via email and sms (if we have your correct cell number on file).

If the system is giving you “this email address already exists” when you try to REGISTER, please follow the FORGOT PASSWORD procedure by putting in the email you are trying to register with, to get a new password.

Enter your email and new password to LOGIN. To change your password, click on MY PROFILE on the top right of your screen and then the PENCIL icon on the top right of your PROFILE PIC.

For affiliated golfers in South Africa, ScoreCapture is linked to the HNA/Golf RSA handicapping system and will update your HANDICAP INDEX daily, if you provide us with your 2700 number during registration.

For non-affiliated golfers, we do a Golfer’s Ability to Par “GAP” calculation for you which is similar to the world handicap index and can be viewed on your MY GOLF PROFILE screen.


Once you have registered, you will be able to login on the App by clicking on the LOGIN button.

ScoreCapture uses your email address as the unique identifier (similar to Facebook).

We ask you to provide your email address first on the App to ensure that there is no other profile using that email address.  If the system is giving you “Already Registered – Please follow the LOGIN WITH OTP process or REGISTER with a different email address” it means that the email address has already been used in a previous registration.  Sometimes this happens if the Club you are a member at is using ScoreCapture and has already registered you on our system or you have played in a Golf Day run by ScoreCapture.

If this is the case, please follow the LOGIN WITH OTP on the login screen first before using another email address to register.  The system will send you a ONE TIME PIN to that email address and your cell number if it is in our database. Enter the 4 number ONE TIME PIN and you will be logged in.

Once you are logged in, check that that profile is yours and not someone else in the family, and continue your golf journey!

If you have duplicate profiles and would like to merge them into one profile or if the profile does not look like yours, please contact us on and we will sort it out for you.

As you score your games, you will build up your profile which you can view on the ScoreCapture App and on the Main Website.


A tournament can be a 1 round, 1 player game or a 1 round, multiple 4-ball game with multiple leaderboards which can be set up on the App. It can also be a multi field, multi round, filtered leaderboard game set up from the Web – you will need to be a subscribing society for this functionality.

We have gone the extra mile to ensure setting up games happens with the least amount of clicks and can be done quickly and easily

On the App, click SET UP A TOURNAMENT:

  • Enter the course you are playing on

All other variables are defaulted but can be edited on the setup screen. You can then add many different types of leaderboards for your field and attach the competition to your relevant community.

Once you click NEXT, you move to the next screen and this is where you set up your 4-balls.

You will be able to create as many 4-balls quickly and easily as you like, this is more than any other FREE Golf App currently allows.

You will be automatically added to the first 4-ball, as Player 1.  To add another player, simply tap on the “+” button. This will take you to a MY NETWORK screen, which will have all your buddies, the players you have played with recently and any other players in your communities. You can select multiple players to fill your 4-ball. If you cannot find the player in MY NETWORK, then search the entire database by navigating to the SEARCH tab. Should the player not be there either, you can then add them by going to the ADD MANUALLY tab.

Once your first 4-ball is full, you can add another 4-ball by tapping on the big green ADD NEW 4-BALL at the bottom of the screen.

Continue with this process, until all your 4-balls are entered.

If, for whatever reason, players need to be swapped in the 4-ball or between 4-balls, this can be done by simply double tapping on the first player (the name will go grey) and then double tapping on the player you wish to swap – a prompt will pop up to confirm that you want to go ahead.

Editing the tee is easy – just tap on the colour default tee already selected and choose your new tee – your COURSE HANDICAP will be re-calculated with the new tee information. If you need to manually adjust the COURSE HANDICAP, please do so by just tapping the GREEN circle and selecting the correct COURSE HANDICAP for that person.

You can also save your setup and come back to it at a later stage, by tapping the SAVE AND EDIT LATER button.

Tapping NEXT will take you to the SCORE ENTRY screen.


Scoring for yourself or the entire 4-ball has never been easier.  You can see everyone on one screen and score with one hand while you are walking to the next tee.  Entering the scores by tapping the + or – buttons next to the player’s name – the scores are sent to the database automatically and all the live leaderboards and relevant stats are updated. 

We also have a clear score and pickup button, which will calculate your “Net Double Bogey”, the maximum score allowed on a hole – See “Clear and Pickup Button”.  The scoring screen will show you some other relevant information like your Net score and Stableford Points on that hole, depending on the gross score entered, as well as your cumulative totals for Gross, Net and Points.

The new App also shows you how many shots you get on that hole, how many shots you get on your individual and betterball matchplay (Drop to Zero) by displaying dots on the stroke of the hole and dots next to IM and BM respectively.

Moving to the next hole is as simple as tapping on the green arrows.  Scores can always be updated by navigating back if an error has been made.


The buttons on the left-hand side of the score represent the CLEAR button and the PICKUP/BLOWOUT button.

The CLEAR button removes the score entered and shows the empty score default, displayed as light grey PAR?, waiting for the correct score to be input.
The PICKUP/BLOWOUT button is a little more complex. Should the player not finish the hole, you can tap on the PICKUP/BLOWOUT button. ScoreCapture has adopted the new world handicapping system as the default maximum score, which will be displayed with an X across the maximum score allowed.



The new world handicapping calculation for the maximum score per hole is now NET DOUBLE BOGEY i.e. PAR + 2 + handicap strokes on the hole.  If this button is tapped, an X will appear across the maximum score for that player on that hole.



If you are wanting to view a scorecard of a tournament and you are not sure how to get there, please follow one of these procedures after you have downloaded and installed the App:

  • Tap on View Tournaments – this will bring up a list of CURRENT tournaments for the day – find your tournament (using search if you have to) tap on the 3 green dots and go to tee times/scorecards. This will bring up the field – select the 3 green dots for that 4-ball and you will have the option there to go to the scorecards. If the tournament is in the PAST, go to the PAST tab and search for the tournament and then tap on the 3 green dots for options to see tee times/scorecards, stats or leaderboards.
  • If the tournament is happening today, but you do not know what it is called or where it is being played, but you know one of the participants, then from the main landing page, tap on the search icon, search for the player and once you tap on him/her, you will go through to their overview page – tap on the 3 green dots.


Either follow the same procedure as above in View Tournaments or My Tournaments.

From the SCORE ENTRY screen tap on the SCORECARDS tab. On the new App the scorecards have been divided into tabs.


One of the biggest improvements in the new App are the scorecards.  The individual scorecard now shows all 18 holes divided into the OUT 9 and the IN 9.  The scores are defaulted to GROSS but can be changed to NET, POINTS or even your ADJUSTED GROSS SCORE by tapping on the filter icon, or the box containing the word GROSS.

All the details required for your in depth study are at your fingertips!

The par, stroke and shots on hole are visible underneath the hole number and are relevant to your course handicap.

The scorecard calculates your ADJUSTED GROSS SCORE that you need for your handicap purposes, if you have finished 9 holes, 10-13 holes, 10-17 holes or 18 holes, according to the world handicapping system.  If you have completed less than 9 holes, the adjusted gross will show N/R.

The status icon is reserved for future publications when we add the verification module.

Tapping on the VIEW STATS arrow, will expand the scorecard to include all your inputs collated from the score entry screen, including the GIR calculation.

Swiping left or right on the players pic will move from one player to the next in the 4-ball.


Tapping on the FOURBALL tab will reveal a quick summary of all the players, showing their OUT/IN/TOTAL scores, completed holes and their adjusted gross score.  Once again tapping on the filter, will allow you to change between GROSS/NET/POINTS and ADJUSTED scores.


This scorecard shows how your individual strokeplay/stablefordbetterballalliance or even matchplay game is going and a handicap allowance can be added here as well to compare to the leaderboards. 

The scorecard will default to the main competition type chosen by the tournament organiser 9 holes at a time, but if you are having a different internal game with your friends, you can simply select a different competition type from the dropdown list of 36 calculation types (more being added!) and a new scorecard with the new calcualtions will be shown.  Below the competition calculation, you will find the individual GRSNETPTSADJ scores of all the players.


We have catered for all types of matchplay games.

The default option is a combined “DROP-TO-ZERO” calculation.  Ie here the player with the lowest course handicap drops to scratch (zero course handicap) and the other player/s course handicaps are adjusted downwards by the that amount in the indivdual or betterball matchplay game.  The scores are then worked on a NET basis, using the players adjusted handicap.

Combined matchplay shows the indidvidual game between MP1 (P1 and P3), MP2 (P2 and P4) and also the betterball matchplay P1 & P2 vs P3 & P4.

The matchplay screen defaults to the detailed hole-by-hole screen, however if you wish to see the summarised screen, just tap on the VIEW DETAILS arrow. 

Tapping on the filter option you can toggle between the different calculation types of SCRATCHOFF THE CARD (NET)OFF THE CARD (POINTS) or DROP TO ZERO options.

  • Scratch – all players play off scratch (ie zero course handicap) and the player with the lowest gross score on the hole wins the hole
  • Off the Card (NET) – all players play off their actual course handicaps and the player with the lowest Net score wins the hole – if one player selects “Pickup” ie does not finish the hole, he/she concedes the hole to the other player – if both players “Pickup”, then the hole is halved
  • Off the Card (POINTS) – all players play off their actual course handicaps.  The player with the highest points on the hole wins the hole – if a player selects pickup, he/she gets 0 points on the hole which will halve the hole with another player that makes a genuine 0 points per hole, even though he/she may have finished the hole (this is the difference between POINTS and NET)


If you are wanting to view a leaderboard of a tournament and you are not sure how to get there, please follow one of these procedures after you have downloaded and installed the App:

  • Tap on View Tournaments – this will bring up a list of CURRENT tournaments for the day – find your tournament (using search if you have to) tap on the 3 green dots and go to leaderboards. If the tournament is in the PAST, go to the PAST tab and search for the tournament and then tap on the 3 green dots for options to see tee times/scorecards, stats or leaderboards.
  • If the tournament is happening today, but you do not know what it is called or where it is being played, but you know one of the participants, then from the main landing page, tap on the search icon, search for the player and once you tap on him/her, you will go through to their overview page – tap on the 3 green dots.


Either follow the same procedure as above in View Tournaments or My Tournaments.

From the SCORE ENTRY screen tap on the LEADERBOARDS tab. On the new App the leaderboards have been divided into tabs.

  • MAIN (the main competition type chosen by the creator of the tournament)
  • NET (if the main competition type is Strokeplay)
  • LINKED (any other leaderboards chosen by the creator of the tournament)
  • CLUB/MERGED LEADERBOARDS (if the Club has set up a merged competition leaderboard, and your game falls into the filters, this tab will appear)
    • National IPS
    • National Equalised, adjusted for your (IPS/Average IPS of the course)* minimum (100, number of players on course +70)
    • Rankings, your monthly ranking points awarded
  • FEATURED (if your game falls within any featured leaderboards)
    • Eclectics
    • Order of Merits
    • Rankings
    • League Tables

Once you select your leaderboard, the players will be displayed in their positions according to their TO PAR/NET TO PAR/POINTS TO PAR scores.

Tapping on the landscape icon will show hole-by-hole scores for the players in the leaderboard.

Tapping on a player’s name will bring up his/her detailed scorecards.

Adverts for the tournament will scroll across the top of the leaderboards.  These adverts have hyperlinks and will open in a browser and the App will continue to run in the background.


Golf is a competitive game and if you are like us, you may want to take a few private bets with some players that are not in your 4-ball.

So, this is where you set up your private one-on-one matchplay bets against any other golfer playing anywhere in the world as long it is on the same day.  They will be proud members of your Rabbit Warren for the day – now you just have to beat them!

Start by selecting the tournament, then tap on the player’s name.  You can select as many opponents as you like.

When you have finished choosing the players you would like in your Rabbit Warren, click on the menu icon on the top right-hand side and select “view scorecard”.

This will generate a matchplay scorecard of you versus all the players you have selected on the DROP-TO-ZERO basis.  You will be able to EDIT your list and chose a different calculation.




As an individual golfer, you will be able to log in and view your profile. After you have logged in, click on MY PROFILE.

Here you will find the following information:

  • Name, Date of birth, Country
  • A box showing your latest game, with a backward (and then forward) arrow so you can scroll through your games
    • Shows Gross and Net
      • Score
      • Position on leaderboard in main competition
      • Adjusted score (according to the new world handicap – ie maximum score is NET DOUBLE BOGEY)
      • Differential
      • IPS
  • Details of the current round
    • Round
    • Field
    • Course
  • Future Tee Off
    • Date
    • Tee Off Time
    • Course
    • Starting Hole
  • Top 8 differentials out of your last 20 rounds with your Golfers Ability to Par “GAP” calculation – comparable to an official Handicap Index
    • Date
    • Course Played
    • Differential
  • A graph showing your last 20 rounds
    • Handicap vs Differential
    • Gross vs Net vs Points (Bar)
  • Personal Best Score Table
    • Split between single and multi rounds
    • Showing results for small, medium and large fields
      • Calculations included individual strokeplay and IPS
  • Finally showing the rounds played this year vs last year

For a society or club admin, you get the full benefit of the main website – see below.



Once you have logged in, tap on the menu icon or swipe right. Tap on MY PROFILE. This screen gives you a quick summary of your profile.  To edit your profile, tap on the green EDIT icon, below the GO TO MY GOLF PROFILE button.


First Name – your first name.

Last Name – your surname.

Email address – your email address – please note that this needs to be unique in our system (cannot use the same email address for your family).

Gender – your gender, which is important for tee selection.

Nickname – you can add a nickname.

Date of Birth – please add your correct date of birth.

Password – you can update your password here.

Country – this is the country you wish to represent – it will show this country’s flag in the scorecards and leaderboards.

Cell Number – Add your cell number here to get tee time notifications and other messages from your Club or Society.

Country Affiliated In – if you are an affiliated golfer, please select the country you are affiliated in.

National Golf ID – In South Africa this is your HNA/GolfRSA/SAGA number beginning with 2700.  In the US, this will be your GHIN number.

We are linked to HNA, so if we have your correct National Golf ID, your HANDICAP INDEX will be updated daily.

If you are not affiliated, have no fear!  Our PREMIUM APP generates a GOLFER’S ABILITY TO PAR “GAP”, which is calculated the same way as a HANDICAP INDEX is according to the World Handicapping System.  This will be part of the FREE package for 2021!

The GAP is part of your GOLF PROFILE on the App – more about this later.


Here you will find a quick summary of your communities and what role/access level you have in each of them.

You will be able to manage your email notification status here.  We encourage you to keep this turned on.  We do not spam our database.  We send 1 email a week, updating you on your position in the NATIONAL LEADERBOARD and giving you some news around the world concerning international tours.  In this email, we also give you a snapshot of your last game and links to scorecards and leaderboards.  You will also see links to leaderboards of other relevant competitions running in ScoreCapture at the time.  Finally, we will give a small interesting snippet about the app, that you may not be aware of!

You will receive links to your scorecards after your game, notifications for league fixtures, round pins when joining a tournament and other important information if you stay subscribed.

To win our JACKPOT, you must stay subscribed to our emails.


We are working on some really exciting features to add to the substantial list of FREE features you are already getting – these will be released over a period of time.  We will keep you updated on how they work and how they will be beneficial to you as a PREMIUM SUBSCRIBER.


Once you have logged in on the main website, click on the pencil icon on the top right hand side of your photo to edit your profile.


You will need to be a society or club admin to have access to the advanced features the main website offers.  Contact us to get your society or club into digital scoring.


Once you have your society on board, you will have access to:

  • Member management, add/remove/edit your members
  • Notification/Messaging tool – sms and our new email templates, bringing some sophistication to your weekly invites to golf – also shows on the App and an expiry date can be added to them
  • A website where replies to the invites are collated and your sponsors adverts are shown, as well as summaries of your feature leaderboards
  • Access to our powerful tournament module on the web, to quickly and efficiently create your games from scratch or from the replies received
    • Import a list of golfers into your tournament
    • Sort the list by handicap or to a random shuffle of the players, and then import them into 4-balls
    • 1, 2 or shotgun starts for your field
    • Fully seeded “horse show” draws for your multiple round tournaments
    • Add teams and colours to the players
  • Add adverts and hole specific pop-ups, like “longest drive” or “nearest the pin”
  • Golfers Ability to Par “GAP” calculation for those societies who are not affiliated – calculated the same way that the World Handicap Index is calculated, or if you are wanting to run your own handicap for your society in addition to the official handicap
  • Once created by the Society Admin, the players merely have to log in on the day the game has been set up, and their game appears on the main menu screen
    • they do not have to set up a game
    • they select the tee they are playing off
    • their course handicap is automatically calculated
    • they enter their scores and view leaderboards
    • all calculations are done by the App
  • Free App for the members to use so they can build up their profiles
  • Access to a capture screen for all the players (scores can be entered quickly and easily on this screen)
  • He/she can export his field into an Excel spreadsheet
  • Notifications (bad weather) can be sent to the field, which appears on the scoring screen and the leaderboards
  • Digital scoring for all types our competition types (individual, betterball, alliance, matchplay)
  • All the features the App offers for the SA golfer (easy set up with all the CORRECT golf course details, the HNA handicap index link for the affiliated golfer, the course handicap calculation, matchplay scorecards etc)
  • The society members will now have a record of all their scorecards
  • Societies can set up a number of different leaderboards on the day e.g. a “Ryder Cup” matchplay type leaderboard as well as a betterball leaderboard with filters
    • Hole numbers (hide holes, or jackpot holes)
    • Teams
    • Rounds
    • Course handicap
    • Age
    • Course
  • prize list, with count-outs and a competition sheet that can be saved as a pdf and put on their websites or emailed out to their members – online prize giving!
  • featured leaderboard, like an eclectic or order of merit over the next few months, to keep the banter going and the interest alive
    • Eclectic – takes your best score achieved over a stipulated period of time per hole number.  Can be gross, net or stableford points, with some bonus features to separate the close encounters
    • Averages – takes the best average scores over a period of time (gross, net, points).  Can be filtered by giving a qualification number of games and taking the best 10 scores for the year
    • Rankings – a complex module that can allocate different number of points to players on a leaderboard depending on where they finished and how many players are in the leaderboard
  • manual mini leaderboards – these can be used for any weird and wonderful competition your run within your society

All of this with our online training and support – please see our testimonials for a reference on how we treat our societies.


In addition to the obvious benefits to a digital scoring system, eliminating the paper scorecard is now not only going to save your club costs, but also improve the safety in the golfing environment.

All the above benefits for societies will be incorporated, as well as the following:

  • For clubs that are running a manual tee sheet, we can assist you in having an online tee sheet through ScoreCapture
  • Members will be able to see their tee times and the entire field through the web or on our App
  • Their games will appear automatically on the App on the day they are playing
    • they do not have to set up a game
    • they select the tee they are playing off
    • their course handicap is automatically calculated
    • they enter their scores and view leaderboards
    • all calculations are done by the App
  • The club has an additional feature, where all games set up outside of their tournament or tee sheet, can be merged into one leaderboard, and the competition type and handicap allowance % can be chosen by the club
    • As an example, a society can set up their tournament, the club can have a tournament and a separate 4-ball can also have their own game, all merged into one leaderboard, set up by the club
  • This leaderboard will be shown on the 2 TV’s we will install in your Pro Shop/Clubhouse once these areas are open to the public
  • prize list can be created, with count-outs and a competition sheet can be produced for a website or email to be sent out to the members

Our feature leaderboards (eclectics, order of merits, par 3 comps, jackpot hole comps, rankings, “Race to Dubai”, “Fedex Cup” etc) will keep your members returning to the course to improve their position on these leaderboards.

This is in addition to the other prizes and competitions running in ScoreCapture – see our Competitions Tab (National Leaderboards etc).  No other golfing App, company or system has offered as much to the avid golfer as ScoreCapture has.


We find that a lot of our customers have unique and special requirements.  Our system is extremely flexible and can cater for most of these requests.

Premium App

We are working on adding some elite features to the ScoreCapture App which already gives you more than any other golf app in the industry – all features are FREE for now. We will keep you updated on this.


Societies pay R10/$1 a member per month or R100/$10 a member per year, excluding VAT and have access to unlimited multi-round tournaments and all the features (Eclectics, Order of Merits, Rankings and Knockout).


Clubs pay R3 000 a month or R30 000 a year, excluding VAT, which will give the CLUB ADMIN access to the content management module and a leaderboard merging function in addition to all the features available to Societies .

ScoreCapture will install 2 49 inch HD TV’s and 2 media players in each participating Club.

The content management system allows for videos, stills and web pages to be displayed and the Club manager has control over the order of items.  Changes can be made at any time and the new content will be displayed on all the screens within minutes of the changes made.

The TV’s display content in 3 minute cycles:

  • 1 minute will be controlled by ScoreCapture
  • 1 minute must display ScoreCapture content, ie live leaderboards, league tables, eclectics, order of merits or rankings
  • 1 minute will be available for the Club

The Clubs can use these TV’s to communicate with their member base or they can sell the space to corporates wanting to advertise on the screens.  If they sell a 10 second advert, showing every 3 minutes, at a price of R500 per month per screen they will pay for the system and make a profit of R42 000 for the year.

Corporate Day

Our price for full live scoring on the day is R100 per player per round with a minimum charge of R8000, excluding VAT.



Club Championships

Check out the table below for the various options we have available for your Club Championships. We have kept the pricing the same for next year. All prices exclude VAT.



Golf Tours

R50 a golfer per round, with online assistance throughout your tour.


Every league is different, but generally we would charge R100, excluding VAT, per team per month.

Please contact us to discuss any of the above options – we can arrive at a solution for you!

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