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    • Dean McLuckie – BCC Rumblers – The Bryanston Country Club

      “We’ve been using ScoreCapture in our Golf Society for a couple of years now. Although there were a couple of reluctant players keen to adopt live-scoring, they’ve quickly become raving fans of ScoreCapture. It’s been a great asset to our group as everyone really enjoys being able to see a live leaderboard on their phones throughout the day, regardless of what format you’re playing. Not only does this add more suspense for the leaders coming through the last few holes but more so for the guys at the bottom of the leaderboard trying to avoid the pink (last place). 

      ScoreCapture has made tracking our year-long ‘Race-to-Jozi’ (order of merit) an absolute breeze and has added a cool dynamic to our golf tours where we play a Ryder Cup format. I often wonder why it has taken so long for golf clubs to adopt live-scoring as it eliminates a huge amount of human-error and makes scoring a breeze. I would highly recommend ScoreCapture to every golfer out there.”

    • John Rayner – Jiggers Society – The Country Club Johannesburg

      “As a member of the County Club Johannesburg, I was introduced to ScoreCapture by our Director of Golf. As the organiser of the Jiggers golf school comprising 24 players, the application was touted as a potential solution to the ongoing management of the school and tracking of the multiple competitions that we run throughout the year.

      I was a little bit sceptical about introducing an advanced IT application to the group of guys, where the majority, could be best described as a little bit technologically challenged.

      I must say that my fears were never realised and we now successfully utilise ScoreCapture to score and record every round we play. I have been able to dispense with the multiple excel spread sheets that had to be manually updated after each round.

      The app is very easy to use and the main elements that we use are:

      • Scoring (the number of errors that are made on a manual score card is frightening)
      • Keeping track of “live” scores on the day
      • Competitions within the school and the fourball (every conceivable competition format is included on the app)
      • Managing the order of merit which is run annually
      • Tracking an eclectic that is run throughout the year”

    • Moss Gondwe – The Masters Society – Various Courses

      “We schedule 14 tournaments during the year where the leadings on the ranking table, provided by ScoreCapture, qualify for a 36 hole final at the end of the year.  For us, it is critical to keep a record of all these scores and verify them against what has been entered into the national handicapping system.  Setting up the tournaments online is easy and the communications from the ScoreCapture system have saved us a lot of time, effort and money.

      All the tee off times can be viewed in one place and on the day the real-time scoring really keeps the interest alive on the tournament days.  Our members use the App to score social games outside our society and compete in the National Leaderboard on the weekends.  The support of the ScoreCapture team has never disappointed us, even when we are playing our Champ-of-Champs away from our home courses.

      They are online to assist with the set up when required and keep our whole society informed of what is going on.  I would highly recommend ScoreCapture to any golf society.“

    • Roger Bell – The Corner Club – Kyalami Country Club

      “Scorecapture has transformed our golf outing from an individual Saturday morning experience to a week-long group experience because of unlimited leaderboards being produced from a single on course input. The more I explore the capabilities the more I am amazed. I believe that ScoreCapture is the future of scoring in all golf competitions”